Breakdance How To: Chair Freeze Tutorial/Guide

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Wilbour Aungtwin says:

333333333333? 4444444444444 SHIT!!!

Pau S.G. says:

You’ll get more wrist strength if? you practice doing push ups. :D

edwardtan794 says:

Can’t put my leg at? the back

Xyphryll says:

Can’t put my arm behind my back…ugh it? hurts.

TheShineAM says:

I do the baby freeze on my left arm but when i do the chair freeze i? feel more comfortable with the right.. :D
Thanks for the tutorial :) )

veman4 says:

anyone makes tutorial video should be? respected

Peweepaula says:

I’m not flexible enough… =(

Michael Low says:

I can’t put my leg on? the other side :

iFail360 says:

dude what is wrong wtih me i can cricket and crab? but can’t even do a chair freeze or even pilot

Ren Jamero says:

dude thank you so much now I know hot to chair? freeze!

MrGreen240 says:

I have a “fat”? friend who can do this and get into it do smoothly! I’m so jelly

LaVenStarr says:

Man, I want to try this but I gotta build more muscle first. My arm is going to? break. D’:

PaJaMaS98 says:

my elbow? stabbed my hip D’: owww

honeydip1871 says:

don’t you have to be double jointed to put your arm behind? you like that?! yikes!

Sarah Watts says:


Matthew moscoso says:

WTF?! xD?

64Hobbies says:

I masturbate? in this position…
LOL jk

dealova7 says:

Stabbing my elbow in hurts my back like hell but I’ve finally got it!? Whoop!
*moves on to next tutorial* ^^

AppleMadman123 says:

I’m new? your good

quontium13 says:


Michelle Huang says:

I went into the baby freeze. i? tried putting my legs down. Boom. i swear i heard either my elbow or shoulder snap.

dominik88889 says:

I can? do it

golden jay says:


christopher losada says:

q feo? eres chino

bubuh geegee says:

dude I just started watching this vid and dude the sound was on but i was like dude why can’t I hear you? And so it started creeping me out the way you started to move your lips but I couldn’t hear you and than I was kind of? hypnotized by your lips (no homo)…By than I realized that my laptop’s sound was muted but the video’s sound wasn’t. And that was my adventure for today. Goodbye.

Ged Collado says:

can a baby freeze help? to strengthen your wrist?

nuruleliza19 says:

I Cn Do Baby Freeze & I Think I Could Jst Do Baby Freeze First And? Then Chair Freeze ^^

Magdalena G says:

I did? it !! :D

David Kim says:

i keep stabbing the back part of my hip bone and it hurtttsss.? cant get a good enough position to be comfortable to stab, having trouble =(

BlackWhiteAznPanda says:

Is your wrist and the “dent” where you stab your elbow in supposed to hurt like a bitch when performing chair freeze? Cause I can stay there for like 5 seconds before my wrist feels like? its going to break.

tlq453 says:

I cannot do the chair freeze but? can do babby freeze

Steven Candra says:

why? my head cant touch the ground…???

omar mohammed says:

level? Asian

cfuller7fly says:

maybe my? stomach fat is in the way, but I’m not that fat really.

cfuller7fly says:

this is really weird I can do baby freeze and turtle but not chair freeze. My arm just doesn’t go that far back, it just pops out over and over again. Any suggestions, stretches?

ravenqberry says:

And…I nearly break my arm under my own weight.? :/

Sean Dam says:

i could do baby freeze, turtle freeze, cricket freeze, spider? freeze. But not this one -.- !

joshua azarcon says:

hellllll yeah i know how to do it!!!!? :)

joshua azarcon says:

first i don’t know how to da but after 1week i’m good in? doing chair freeze

Wila Pradja says:

please give e some? training please,this is hard…

GianKerenz says:

I can? babyfreeze but I can’t do chairfreeze

Justin Hall says:

i dont understand how to get in this? position :(

WhoahImThatChick says:

2:48 Eheheheh he? touched his crotch.

?????? ????????? says:

joonie i want to ask you something about that freeze…where do you have to put? your right elbow????

Selani97 says:

it helps if you put your palm on a wall standing up and stretch and practice getting your elbow into your back? side for a about 30-40 sec ^_^

niraj khadka says:


krisha jane says:

My arms is? aching when im doing that -_-

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