How to Shuffle: Basic ‘Smoothstyle’ Tutorial

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Tutorial covering the essential moves of Shuffling 1:15 – Running Man 2:20 – T-Step 5:15 – Transitioning between Running Man & T-Step 7:36 – Extra Pointers 1…


Selah Rodgers says:

I think this is a great tutorial!! your really smooth and flawless. idk y
people are hating on it. keep up the good work! ?

iWasTheGuyWhosFucked says:

What do you guys exactly mean with “he’s kicking his feet” ? I’m new to
shuffling so can’t really tell what you’re talking about…

Also, for some reason his shuffling doesn’t look as smooth as other
shufflers here on youtube but since I’m pretty inexperienced I don’t know
if that’s true?

sahil sharma says:

awesome tutorial and i already learnt the running man after i saw this

michelle rogers says:

Super helpful dude. A+ tutorial skill?

anonyyyyyyyyyyyymous says:

He kick the feet.
kicking the feet is not good.?

Anthony Fuentes says:

Bad running man, you dont know how to shuffle?

Derrek Huynh says:

Tbh ur shit

Zac Morgan says:

One more thing kids don’t watch this if you want to learn how to shuffle..
Go to the best shufflers and ask them to show you. We love to help.?

hookupboy5769 says:

Thank you. I seen people doing this last night and attempted it. Looked
like a fool but I was having a blast!! Haha now I will practice. So thank
you for sharing?

Peter Keune says:

I watched 1 minute of this video and out of like 100 videos i’ve watched on
how to dance or how to shuffle, You’re the first person to say the word
“Transition”, I watched a video that was on top of yours in the search, and
I just practiced the running man and T step, and then I was sitting there
saying “How the hell am i going to transition these two moves?”, and you’re
right, once you learn those 2 moves and how to transition them, u can
pretty much do anything else. I wanna look good when I dance at raves, and
not look stupid. I will be watching this video a lot and thank u in advance?

Zac Morgan says:


anxel Lli says:

Thank you man :o )?

Stylin Onya says:

gabber > shuffling
off it cunts?

I. Peles says:


Mike Rodrigues says:

really helped man thanks!?

Mariadgaf says:

When your doing the running man, doesn’t matter where you start?? Cause
I’ve been staring with my left 0.o?

risingsonseven says:

Great video for basic moves. Thanks for making a tutorial

CountryRoad says:


cool ironiik says:


Rashid Mumtaz says:


Ghramcrackers says:

Question, the songs posted in the description are in the video right?

ShufflerToxin says:

Check out my shuffle vids! ive been shuffling for years now and have videos
from when i was shit to where im at now :D Good luck learning guys


Bad slide -_-

Erin Ulrich says:

You shuffle better than the “basic tutorial” level. Good job!

Michelle Tan says:

Then do it. Until then, STFU

Navi Play says:

I finnaly learned and my new shoes have holes now.

Jr Nikka says:

He can’t shuffle , I can make a better video

QueenEtna says:

I cant do the T step coz my feet point outwards normally and i cant make 1
foot be straight coz it feels weird T_T

GotRedBe cz says:

This is Best tutorial … thanks man :) ))

skal203 says:

Best tutorial I’ve seen. I wish the audio was better when you where
talking. Need one of those cordless mics.

Darragh Quinn says:

I see he bought new shoes for the occasion

cryptology says:

When I feel like I’m losing balance, I transition into a new move.

Kevin Stein says:

amazing dancing man, dancing is one of the best things in existence

Smash3x says:

I can do the running man pretty good now but when it comes to shuffling I
instantly lose balance.. even if I go slow! Really annoying :/

SuperBigBizkit says:

Keep Practicing.Start slowly. The faster and harder you shuffle the harder
it is to keep your balance.

Smash3x says:

I just lose balance constantly.

Ariyo Femi-Sunmaila says:

Why wouldn’t you like this. LOL at the fact that he said it would be a
quick video. You’re intro explained all I needed to know

Riot can shuffle says:

as fast you would doing by walking in them

dylan mickovski says:

He knows how to shuffle

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